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    4 W’s of Replacement Windows: Helpful Homeowner Tips

    4 W’s of Replacement Windows: Helpful Homeowner Tips

    You’ve been researching replacement windows and you’re ready to take the plunge. Who should you hire?  Which type of window is best?  What should you expect?  We’ll help answer your questions.

    1. Who should you hire to install your new windows?

    Homeowners are understandably cautious when selecting a contractor. Spending thousands of dollars and inviting complete strangers into and around your home can be a bit intimidating.  Always research their qualifications and reputation.  To start – make sure you are working with a fully licensed and insured company that is a member of the Better Business Bureau. Word of mouth is also critical. Be sure to read online reviews and always ask for references of work performed in your area. Be aware if a contractor puts your project out to bid or if they have their own crews – these will be the men and women who actually perform the work on your home – it’s important to know if they are qualified and trustworthy. You should know what product and building certifications are held by a company. We are proud to be one of the select few Harvey Elite Window dealers serving Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island. Product manufacturers hold elite and certified contractors to exceptionally high standards and can provide homeowners with product warranties not offered by ordinary contractors. If a contractor asks for a deposit for a basic home improvement like replacement windows – that should be a red flag.  This could indicate financial instability within the company and can put homeowners at risk for a failed or incomplete project.

    2. Which type of window is best for you and your home?

    Consider a few things when choosing windows for your home:  budget, style and purpose.

    Having a budgetAndersen Wood Windows in mind will help direct your decision making process. In every project – budget drives the design.  Wood windows are typically 25% more expensive than a vinyl window and require continuous maintenance which is an added expense over time.  Whether you decide to choose wood or vinyl windows – there are professional products that can fit your style and your budget.  If you are a qualified homeowner, professional contractors usually have financing options available – this is a great way to make your home improvement project more affordable.

    Weighing the benefits of wood vs. vinyl replacement windows is always important. Wood, the most time-tested construction product, offers homeowners incomparable beauty – there is nothing like the physical and aesthetic warmth of natural wood in a home.  Popular for historic restoration projects and custom stained or painted homes, wood windows are great for homeowners who love the natural grain of wood or like to change the color of their trim – you’re not married to the white, beige or other factory colors of vinyl products. The aesthetic benefits of beautifully painted or stained wooden windows can be tainted by their continuous maintenance needs and susceptibility to rot and insect damage. If the thought of scraping individual window panes and repainting them every 3-4 years frightens you – vinyl windows can provide you with an equally beautiful, maintenance free choice. Both products can provide substantial energy savings and value to your home.

    Do you want easy access to the window over your kitchen sink? Do you want to capture the landscape of your property?  Do you prefer windows that tilt in for easy cleaning?  Both vinyl and wood windows come in an variety of styles – casement, double hung, bay or bow windows – each style has a purpose.  Knowing what you want to gain from a window and how you want it to function will help determine which type of  windows will work best in your home.

    3. What should you expect when installing replacement windows or new construction windows?

    Replacement windows are one of the most simple home improvement projects. Unlike new construction windows that are installed from the outside of the home, replacement windows are installed frowindow-install-06-070m the inside, without disrupting the exterior of the home. Once drop cloths are in place, the installation crew will carefully remove all stops from around the windows (they will be used again to secure the new window). If the windows are exceptionally old, weights and ropes will be removed and filled with insulation. The new replacement window, which is custom built for your home, will fit right into the existing opening. The installation crew will make the proper adjustments to ensure the window fits squarely into the opening and operates correctly. Once they are adjusted, the window will be secured and the stops re-installed.

    New construction windows are not as simple to install.  After both the interior and exterior trim is removed the old window is also removed. Once the new window is in place, it is properly adjusted to fit within the opening, insulated, and flashed with window tape on the exterior to ensure any water is redirected away from the window and back out to the siding.  Finally, both the interior and exterior trim (unless your new window includes exterior casements) will have to be replaced to complete the installation. Because there are more steps involved, the installation process is a bit longer than that of a typical replacement window.

    4. Why should you choose Care Free Homes?

    We earn the business of our customers because of one thing: trust. We’ve been family owned and operated for over 40 years – much of our business comes from past customers and customer referrals – they trust us to provide professional products, quality workmanship, an honest price, and dependable customer service. We have been an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau for over 20 years and have a plethora of accreditations and certifications. We provide only the best products in the industry: Harvey, Anderson, Pella, and more.  We are proud to have our own craftsmen who specialize in their trade – they do the same type of work day in and day out. This repetition of work, coupled with professional certifications, makes our crews infinitely more qualified and talented than your handy man in a pickup truck. All of our work comes with a 10 year workmanship guarantee in addition to various product warranties.  We also have home improvement financing options available and ask for no money down until the project is complete and you are completely satisfied.  We invite you to join the Care Free family. Contact us today for a no cost, no obligation estimate! Make your house a Care Free home!