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    New Year, New Roof Giveaway 2024

    Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island

    Help Choose the Winner of a GAF Roof

    We’re celebrating our 9th annual New Year, New Roof Giveaway! Thank you to our amazing co-sponsor, GAF Roofing, for making this program possible every year.

    Here is how our New Year, New Roof Giveaway works:

    1. Members of the community nominate a deserving neighbor, friend, or family member who needs a new roof. The nominator explains why the homeowner deserves a free roof and what obstacles or challenges they are experiencing. 
    2. Our team reviews all qualified homeowner nominations and chooses 3-5 finalists to move on to the final voting round.
    3. The community votes online to choose the WINNER of a GAF Timberline HDZ Roofing system!

    Contest Timeline

    • New Year, New Roof nomination period is January 1 – 7, 2024
    • Finalists are announced January 9, 2024
    • Online voting takes place January 10 – 15, 2024
    • Winner announced with surprise reveal on or around January 18, 2024

    This giveaway is made possible thanks to a partnership between Care Free Homes, Inc. and GAF Roofing. We are also thankful for our community partners, Black Tie Cookies, Isaksen Solar, United Way of Greater New Bedford, and United Way of Greater Fall River.

    Official 2024 New Year, New Roof Giveaway Contest Rules

    Roof Giveaway Winners, East Providence, RI


    The Page Family of East Providence, Rhode Island was voted our 2024 New Year, New Roof Giveaway Winners!

    New Year, New Roof Giveaway Finalists





    Nominee: Willis Maxim, Sr. of Wareham, MA

    Nominated by: Lynne Derochea and Dawna Maxim

    Nominee Story: My father is soon to be 89 years old. I have never known a more dedicated worker than him. He came from a large family with a total of 18 kids. With only an elementary education, he had to quit school because he started working to support his family. He served in the Army for four years and was stationed in Germany. He worked very hard and became the plant supervisor at Foster Brothers, an old brick manufacturer, for over 30 years. Dad is now retired but still enjoys socializing as a member of the Elks Club in Wareham. We like to joke and call him the Mayor of Onset!

    He completely renovated his cottage to a year round home that he and my mom moved into. He was always the “fixer upper”, but sadly because of his age he can’t do it anymore. The roof is covered with moss and needs to be replaced very badly. He is a very proud and generous man who would never ask for help but he could really use some now.





    Nominees: Mitzi & Paul Page of East Providence, RI

    Nominated By: Dawn Harty

    Nominee Story: Kyle was a normal 3 year old boy when he contracted bacterial meningitis. He went from an energetic little boy to a quadriplegic, relying on a ventilator to live and in need of 24 hour family and nursing care. His family made a pledge that they would care for him in his home despite his many limitations and challenges. Kyle has been provided the most fulfilling life, experiencing high school proms, graduations, and countless family outings. Kyle’s Mom, Mitzi, has been nothing short of amazing, with never ending self sacrifice and love for her son. With the enormity of this situation has come many ups and downs for this family. Due to the high level of care for Kyle through the years (he just celebrated his 30th birthday), the expenses for supplies, oxygen and medication have been astronomical. Mitzi has only been able to work part-time as she has been his primary caretaker. Kyles’s Dad is also disabled adding yet another set of challenges. For 27 years, Kyle’s family has been dedicated and determined to provide the best care for him but have been unable to keep up with the basic home maintenance and essential repairs needed. This family is struggling and among one of the many things needed is a new roof. Please consider Kyle and his family for this wonderful opportunity as it would truly be life changing for them!





    Nominee: Filomena Reyes of New Bedford, MA

    Nominated By: Justin Barbosa

    Nominee Story: Filomena is a single grandmother who has been the rock to her family. Both her younger brothers passed away; one of them passing in her home. When her Father became ill she cared for him in her own home until he also passed away. She also lost her Mother. After all those losses, she still smiles and puts a happy face for her clients and children. She works with the Kennedy Donovan Center and has in-house clients that she cares for 24/7. She also had a heart attack last year and then went right back to work. We told her to rest but she insisted on getting right back to work and taking care of everyone else. She has two daughters and son and they try to help out as much as they can but a mother is a mother. She is very independent and insists on doing everything herself. Her work and her family are her life. She’s a good neighbor who goes above and beyond to help herself and others.





    Nominee: Alice Souza of Fairhaven, MA

    Nominated By: Karen Carlin

    Nominee Story: At 80 years old, my mom, Alice, is and always has been a wonderful mother and grandmother. My two brothers and I always played sports. Even though she worked full time in the New Bedford factories for over 20 years she never missed any of our games. She still lives by herself but is very active and is always outside with her dog. My son goes by in the summer and he mows while she takes her trimmer and does the outside of the yard. She even rakes her own leaves, bags them and brings them to the recycling center.

    Sadly, my brother who lived with her passed away unexpectedly last year in her home. We asked her if she wanted to come and live with us but she wanted to stay in her home. Her roof shingles have blown off and the roof is starting to leak. Even though Mom is retired and on a fixed income, she is a very independent woman and won’t accept help from us. Winning this contest would be a huge relief so she can enjoy life instead of worrying about a leaky roof.





    Nominee: Shelley and Bill Stanton, Acushnet, MA

    Nominated By: Lori Howard-Wagner

    Nominee Story: My sister has also worked full time at current job for over 20 years and is such a good person and raised my nephew for several years after the sudden loss of her first husband. When she met my current brother-in-law she also helped raise his three children as their stepmother. My sister and brother-in-law have faced many financial challenges due to medical reasons over their years of marriage. My brother-in-law worked in manufacturing for at least 20 years before working in security. He is also a minister who officiates weddings, funerals, baptisms, and memorial services for free. They both work very hard and out in a lot of hours. They purchased this home and had an unexpected leak in their roof. They have attempted to repair it themselves but it still leaks. They are not the type of people to ask for help but are always willing to help others. 

    Messages of Support for Our Finalists

    Willie’s Message Board

    “Wishing you all the best. Love Ya”

    – Barbara Woodburn

    Willis! Willis! Willis! Hope you win!!

    – Megan Smith

    “Really could use this wonderful prize. He is a great guy. Let’s help him. God Bless the people who do things for others in need!”

    – Roxanne Hannigan

    “Thank you for your service and good luck, Mr. Maxim!”

    – Leslie Trahan

    “Willie is an easy going guy who would give you the shirt on his back. Good luck to him and hope he wins the contest.”

    – Walter Saulenas


    Mitzi and Paul’s Message Board

    “There is NO ONE that deserves this and so much more than my dear friend, Mitzi and her beautiful son Kyle! Love them!”

    – Maureen Vita

    “You are such a loving and devoted mother Mitzi. I hope you are chosen for the new roof as you truly deserve it. God bless you and your family!”

    – Kristen Mulholland

    “God Bless you for your love strength and support for your amazing son who you have clearly devoted your life to.”

    – Maria Kirkham

    “Mitzi has been an angel on earth to Kyle and her husband. She is so deserving of this!”

    -Tracy McCaughey

    “I am wishing you luck and lots of love Mitzi!! You are so very much deserving g of this! Kyle is so lucky to have you fighting for every single day!! So glad I can cast a vote for you.”

    – Sarah Evans

    Filomena’s Message Board

    “Fili is such a kind and generous soul! She always finds the good in people, no matter what.”

    – Lucy Sousa

    “Your selfless dedication and devotion to your family and friends could never be capture the true beauty of your heart and soul.”

    – Sidney Vieira

    “She deserves it she has a very kind HEART…So good luck Filomena love.”

    – Terry Pina

    “You are an amazing person with such a huge heart, I hope you win!”

    – Ana Antonio

    “She is an amazing human being and to meet her is to love her. Everything she does comes from the heart and her faith. Filomena goes above and beyond for any & everyone that crosses her path.”

    – Nichole Almeida


    Alice’s Message Board

    “She is the most humble and deserving woman.”

    – Bethany Souza

    “Such a wonderful and lovely woman.”

    – Jeremy Breitung

    “She has always taken care of her family and deserves it so very much.”

    – Kim Thompson

    “Alice supports those around her so much. She deserves to get some good back!”

    – Darrah-Helena Lobo

    “You’re a lovely neighbor, Alice! I see you working hard and taking such sweet care of Diesel – I think you’re pretty amazing!”

    • – Melissa Mager


    Bill & Shelley’s Message Board

    “This two are so deserving, hard workers who are right there to help anyone with a need.”

    – Jackie Bragga

    “Both Shelley and Bill are hard working people and this would be well deserved.”

    – Carol Borges

    “Shelley you are one if the kindest people I have ever met. It’s time for something wonderful to happen for you and Bill.”

    – Deb Beech

    “These two people are two of the most wonderful, loving, hard working people I know. They give so much, when they can, let’s help them not to worry about what they need now.”

    – Lena Fishman

     “Neighbors stick together. Good luck!”

    – Sarah Martin


    New Year, New Roof Giveaway Sponsors and Community Partners

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