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    6 Things to Consider Before Building Your Deck

    6 Things to Consider Before Building Your Deck


    Designing and building a deck or porch can be both exciting and overwhelming. It’s the perfect way to maximize your outdoor living space or create a welcoming entrance to your home. To ensure our client’s experience goes smoothly, we have compiled a list of 6 things to consider when building your deck:   

    Purpose: Consider adding features that fit your lifestyle and support your interests. The purpose of your deck or porch will drive the entire design, from location, size, and rails to smaller aesthetic choices like deck lights. Online tools offered by brands like TimberTech’s Deck Designer allow any homeowner to visualize their dream deck. 

    Budget: Building a deck or porch is a significant investment; whether you prefer the simplicity of a small porch built with pressure-treated wood or an elaborate deck design built with TimberTech AZEK decking and a cable rail system, it’s essential to start with a budget. This helps us provide homeowners with a more efficient design and estimation process.  

    Location: Your deck or porch can have many styles and functions, from a front entry portico that protects you from the elements to a farmer’s porch that allows ample open space for porch swings and other outdoor furniture. Perhaps you want to maximize your backyard living space with an open-air deck or make your above-ground pool more accessible with a surrounding pool deck. Consider your purpose for building a deck, which will help you decide where to build it.

    Size: The size of your deck or porch will depend on your desired function. Do you like to grill and entertain guests? Do you want furniture such as a table and chairs? You don’t want to build your deck so small that you can’t fit a grill or seating area. The best way to find the size of your outdoor dining area is to measure your deck’s length and width. To provide the necessary clearance for moving chairs in and out, subtract six feet from your measurements. This will help you choose the correct size table and chairs for your space. The same goes for outdoor seating – leave at least three feet to walk around your furniture, so your deck doesn’t feel overcrowded.

    Materials: If maintenance-free is necessary, we don’t recommend wood products, as they require sanding, treating, and sealing. We recommend TimberTech AZEK decking, which is maintenance and rot-free. Other options include natural wood such as ipe and mahogany or budget-friendly, pressure-treated (PT) wood.

    Timing: Building a porch or deck requires considerable planning and time. If you want a new deck built and ready for summer, consider contacting us late winter/early spring to get started. The average turnaround time for deck construction is 12-16 weeks from contract signing. 

    If your deck looks worn or needs to be replaced, call Care Free Homes! 

    We are proud to be the area’s only Platinum TimberTech AZEK Contractor and have served the community for over 45 years. We offer financing options to qualified homeowners, professional-grade warranties, quality craftsmanship, and reliable customer service. Contact us online or call us today at  508-997-1111 for your free quote.