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    Cedar Discovery Vinyl Siding & TimberTech Rails, Wareham, MA

    Cedar Discovery Vinyl Siding & TimberTech Rails, Wareham, MA

    Mastic Cedar Discovery Vinyl Siding in the color, Natural Slate and TimberTech Rail System looks stunning on this Wareham, MA home.

    Forget about natural wood shingles Cedar Discovery vinyl siding has the same natural wood grain look without the hassle! That means no more repainting or resealing your chipped weathered shingles. It also has a 230 mph wind rating perfect toVinyl Siding Contractor, Wareham, MA handle bad weather conditions. Cedar Discovery will continue to look good for years after you have installed it because it is fade, rot, and crack resistant. You can even choose solar defense colors that protect from sun damage and fading. Mastic has a wide variety of colors, styles, and textures to suit any homeowner’s needs. All of Mastic’s products are backed by their VIP limited lifetime warranty that can go along with Care Free Homes 10 year guarantee.

    This homeowner also had us install Trex Decking in the color, Pebble Grey along with a TimberTech Rail System! Trex captures the look of natural wood and is made to handle different weather conditions, without the hassle. TimberTech rails have a versatile style that will not fade or split when under pressure. Homeowners will also not have to worry about resealing, splinters, and rot! Both products have many style, texture, and color options that homeowners can choose from to create their perfect outdoor oasis.

    Let us give your home an exterior makeover! With over 40 years of experience, we have thousands of satisfied customers throughout Cape Cod, Southeastern Massachusetts, and Eastern Rhode Island. Qualified homeowners are even encouraged to take advantage of our affordable home improvement financing options! Get started with a FREE quote by calling (508) 997-1111 or submit your information online and make your house a Care Free home!