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    Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

    Fall Home Maintenance Checklist


    Prepare your home for harsh winter weather now with this fall home maintenance checklist and your home will be in great shape come spring!

    fall home maintenance








    •          Check windows & doors for air leaks
    •          Check for adequate  insulation in attic
    •          Inspect roof & skylights
    •          Clean gutters after all leaves have fallen
    •          Direct downspouts away from home’s foundation
    •          Drain outdoor sprinkler system
    •          Turn off outdoor water
    •          Prune plants
    •          Aerate, fertilize, and seed your lawn
    •          Inspect chimney or hire a chimney sweep
    •          Check carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

    Although most of this fall home maintenance checklist can be completed by the average homeowner – be sure to hire a professional if you don’t feel comfortable.  Visit our Helpful Homeowner Tips Pinterest board for more ideas and tricks!