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    GAF Roofing System, Fairhaven, MA

    GAF Roofing System, Fairhaven, MA

    A new roofing system added value and curb appeal to this Fairhaven Roof!

    We stripped the existing three tab roof and replaced it with a GAF Timberline HD roofing system in Oyster Gray. There is more to a roof than shingles. Here is a quick overview of the components of a GAF Lifetime Roofing System:

    Leak Barrier: A critical component here in New England, Leak Barrier, protects your home from both water and ice damage. It is installed along all the rakes, eves, valleys, chimneys, vent pipes, skylights, and dormers.

    Roof Deck Protection: Often referred to as “underlayment”, roof deck protection is a breathable fabric installed on the entire roof deck. It allows attic moisture to escape yet protects from a wind driven rain.Roof Replacement Fairhaven MA

    Starter Strip Shingles: Featuring Dura-Grip adhesive, an ultra-adhered starter strip properly secures shingles in place during a storm. As the name implies, these shingles are the first to go up and are installed along the perimeter of the entire roof. In addition to preventing shingle blow off they also enhance the beauty of a roof with clean, straight edges (in contrast to amateur roofers who hand cut their starter shingles).

    Timberline HD Lifetime Shingles: Our top selling shingles, Timberline HD roofing shingles have been engineered with Advanced Protection Technology. They are manufactured for toughness, granule adhesion, wind uplift resistance, flexibility, and fire resistance.

    Cobra Ridge Vent: A properly vented attic or crawl space is essential to homes in New England. They allow proper air circulation, eliminate moisture build up and help to prevent ice dams. (Since we mentioned ice dams – here’s a few tips on how you can prevent them.)

    Ridge Cap Shingles: Installed along the roof ridge, these shingles are specifically manufactured to accentuate beauty and protect the roof’s highest areas of stress, ridges and hips.

    Learn more about the roof replacement process by reading our 4 W’s of Roofing blog. We explain which shingles are best, who you should hire, what to expect during installation, and why you should join the Care Free family! When the time comes to replace your roof, give us a call at (508) 997-1111 to get a free quote. Our family has been proudly serving Cape Cod, Southeastern Massachusetts, and Eastern Rhode Island homeowners for almost 40 years! We don’t ask for a single penny until your roof is complete. Qualified homeowners can take advantage of our financing options! Don’t postpone your project – make your house a Care Free home!