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    GAF Timberline HDZ Roofing on this New Bedford, MA Home

    GAF Timberline HDZ Roofing on this New Bedford, MA Home

    These New Bedford, MA owners just updated their roof with a GAF Timberline HDZ Roofing System in Pewter Gray!

    A roof does a lot to keep your home protected through the year, and it’s important to take note when your roof might need replacing to ensure your home doesn’t end up with extra damage that could be prevented. It’s important to keep an eye on your roof for these key things that might be signs that it’s time to think about a replacement. 

    Water Spots: Have you noticed water spots appearing on your ceilings or walls? This might be a sign that you have a leak in your roofing that is letting water into your home. It’s best to try and track down the source of the leak and if it’s coming from your roof, it’s time to consider replacement before it becomes a larger problem.

    Shingle Damage: New England is no stranger to high wind storms and it is always a good idea to check your roof before and after one of these storms. If you notice missing or cracked shingles it’s best to have someone come take a look! GAF Timberline HDZ® Shingles are eligible for a 15-year limited wind warranty with no maximum wind speed limitation, which means peace of mind no matter how strongly the wind is blowing in a storm!

    Curb Appeal: Don’t forget the look of your home certainly adds to the value. Ensuring your roof is clean and looks great adds a lot of curb appeal to your house. With the range of colors offered by GAF Roofing and their StainGuard Plus™ Algae Protection Limited Warranty your home roof will look fantastic for years to come!

    We know the thought of replacing your roof can be a task on its own but we’re here to help you on every step of the way. Take a look at our cost of a roof replacement blog to get an idea of what goes into pricing out a roof replacement. Care Free Homes is also happy to provide free roofing quotes and offer home improvement financing to qualified homeowners!

    GAF Timberline HDZ Roofing is a leader in the roofing industry and offers high quality products that will look amazing for years to come. At Care Free Homes we are proud to be a Master Elite Contractor so we have the knowledge and experience when working with this fantastic product!

    At Care Free Homes we strive to provide you with a smooth experience from start to finish. We’re a family owned and operated company who has been in business for over 45 years, with half of our business being referrals and repeat customers who love us. We have also been an A+ rated, accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, for over 30 years! We’re happy to help you through the process of replacing your roof and ensuring your home is protected for years to come. Trust us with your roofing project and we’ll ensure your house becomes a “Care Free Home”.