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    GAF Timberline Roofing System, Fairhaven, MA

    GAF Timberline Roofing System, Fairhaven, MA

    This Fairhaven Roofing project has given this homeowner peace of mind and brought curb appeal to their home.

    A GAF Timberline HD Roofing System is made with multi-layer technology to give your home the ultimate protection! Along with advanced shingle protection technology a GAF roof is built tough! Here is a more in-depth explanation of GAF’s multi-layer technology to show what makes a GAF Roof so great!

    Timberline Lifetime Roofing Shingles – Timberline roofing shingles are the best-selling shingles in North America and come in a large range of colors to fit any person’s style. Also great for harsh weather conditions with a 130 mph wind rating.

    Roof Deck Protection – Lays between the roof deck and roofing shingles to give your home one more layer of added protection and stops moisture from infiltrating.

    Leak Barrier – Is another added layer of protection that helps prevent leaks and costly repairs caused by heavy rainfall.

    Ice Dam and Water Shields – Are installed around the vulnerable areas of your home to help prevent leaks and ice dams from forming.

    Premium Aluminum Drip Edge – Is installed at the eves of the roof to keep water and bugs from entering inside your home. It allows water to drip off into your gutters or away from your home.

    Rake Starter Strip – Starter strips tightly lock shingles in place with a high-quality adhesive, giving homeowner’s peace of mind. They also give your home a clean appearance with straight roof edges!

    Cobra Ridge Vent – Cobra Ridge Vents help keep your home well ventilated, stops your roof from deteriorating early, and makes your home energy efficient. This is good because it provides necessary airflow to remove moisture and heat out of your home so homeowners do not have to worry about moldy attics or high electric bills.

    Not only does multi-layer technology give homeowners peace of mind a GAF Roof is practically priced with a stunning look! Care Free Homes has been in business over 40 years providing quality service and workmanship. Give us a call or contact us online to set up your FREE roofing quote (508)-997-1111.