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    GAF Ultra HDZ Roofing, Portsmouth, RI

    GAF Ultra HDZ Roofing, Portsmouth, RI

    GAF Timberline Ultra HDZ roofing shingles in Pewter Gray look beautiful on this Portsmouth, Rhode Island home!

    Located on a hillside overlooking the Sakonnet River, this home is located in a neighborhood that’s no stranger to Mother Nature’s mood swings. From heavy snowfalls in winter to high winds and torrential rains, homeowners in this area (we’ve installed over a dozen in this particular neighborhood) have chosen GAF Lifetime Roofing Systems to protect their homes. In this blog, we’ll explore why these shingles are a smart investment for homeowners.

    Superior Durability: New England homes are subjected to extreme weather conditions, GAF Timberline Ultra HDZ shingles are designed to withstand these challenges. Dura Grip™ Adhesive technology ensures the shingles stay in place even in high winds up to 130 mph. These shingles are also eligible for the WindProven™ Limited Wind Warranty when installed with four required GAF accessory products.

    Weather Resistance: The region’s variable climate makes it essential to have roofing materials that can resist the elements. Timberline Ultra HDZ shingles are built with Advanced Protection Technology, which includes a proprietary blend of engineered materials that enhance their performance. These shingles are specially designed to resist damage from UV rays, wind-driven rain, and ice dams. 

    Aesthetic Appeal: Your home’s curb appeal is just as important as its structural integrity. GAF Timberline Ultra HDZ shingles come in a gorgeous collection of color blends that suit your home’s style. This shingle is 20% thicker than our GAF Timberline HDZ shingle and features a patent-pending Dual Shadow Line for gorgeous shadow lines all day long. Whether you have a traditional or contemporary home design, there’s a GAF Roofing shingle to complement it. We even provide homeowners with 3D Virtual Mockups of their home to explore color choices with our HOVER app!

    Warranty Coverage: Homeowners investing in a professional roofing system want to ensure they are protected in the event of any issues. Thanks to our GAF Master Elite Roofing credentials, every GAF Lifetime Roofing System we install comes with a factory-registered, 50 Year, non-prorated, transferable roof warranty. This warranty offers homeowners peace of mind and also adds value to their home.

    In New England, where the weather can be unpredictable and the beauty of your home is an important part of its value, investing in high-quality roofing materials like GAF Timberline Ultra HDZ shingles is a wise decision. These shingles have been honored with the Good Housekeeping  Their durability, weather resistance, aesthetic appeal, and warranty protection make them an ideal choice for homeowners. When the time comes to replace your roof, trust your home to a roofing contractor that provides quality craftsmanship, professional product warranties, and reliable customer service. Care Free Homes has served the community for over 45 years and has been an A+ rated, accredited member of the Better Business Bureau for over 30 years! 

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