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    Mastic Unveils New, Deep, Fade-Resistant Vinyl Siding Colors!

    Mastic Unveils New, Deep, Fade-Resistant Vinyl Siding Colors!

    Mastic Home Exteriors by Plygem has introduced a new line of fade and heat-resistant vinyl siding colors for your New England home!

    Featuring SolarDefense Reflective Technology™, Plygem’s dedication to research and superior product development has created their deepest color selection yet! Mastic is so confident in their fade-resistant vinyl siding – they are not only talking the talk but walking the walk. These gorgeous, deep vinyl siding colors are backed by the best industry warranty against fading and heat distortion. Color fading is measured by the Hunter’s Scale – the industry average for color fading in vinyl siding is no more than 5 Hunter Units and Mastic has placed itself above the status quo.

    Mastic Vinyl Siding SolarDefense No Fade Promise:

    • Will not fade more than 1 Hunter Unit for the first 5 years
    • Will not fade more than 2 Hunter Units from 6 years onward

    Mastic Vinyl Siding SolarDefense No Distortion Promise:

    • No heat distortion from climate or reflective light sources

    (I should mention…Mastic is the only manufacturer to provide a vinyl siding warranty against heat distortion caused by reflective light sources such as windows or glass doors.)

    Homeowners can see the damage caused  by the sun’s intense heat and UV rays. The negative effects such as peeling paint, cracked or curling shingles, or faded and warped vinyl siding are major problems for many homeowners. If a home lacks shade protection from a tree canopy, its exterior will be subjected to major sun damage – especially deep colors that absorb even more of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Thanks to Mastic’s new SolarDefense Reflective Technology™ – homeowners can boldly go where no homeowner has gone before! (If you want to get your geek on – check out Mastic’s snazzy SolarDefense diagram that explains the superhero powers behind their new technology.) But enough of the boring stuff – let’s start exploring these amazing, new color options!

    Mastic Vinyl Siding Fade Resistant Colors

    Our feature photo showcases the beautiful Newport Bay blue – a classic color that will be loved by any cool kid on the block. Mastic suggests pairing it with either Cape Cod Grey or Terra Cotta as a secondary color.

    • Red Brick will warm the hearts of any modern or traditional style homeowner. Mastic suggests either Red Cedar or Pebblestone Clay as secondary color choices.

    Natural Slate is a calming color that will be loved by many New England homeowners. It’s sure to please someone looking to stay neutral if paired with Cape Cod Grey or someone who enjoys a bold pop of color if paired with Red Brick.

    Brandy Wood provides homeowners with an earthy tone that looks lovely matched up with both Red Brick or Pebblestone Clay as secondary colors.

    Mahogony is for folks who love natural earth tones with a bit ‘o spice. Mastic recommends secondary colors such as Cape Grey or Sandstone to complete the exterior transformation.

    Each color featured here is offered in both Mastic’s Cedar Discovery or Ovation vinyl siding product lines. Cedar Discovery offers any of these colors in their Hand Split Shake, 7″ Shingle, or the 5″ Shingle and Ovation offers their 4″ Lap, 5″ Lap, or 4 1/2″ Dutch Lap.

    If you are anxious to see which color collection will look best on your house – be sure to check out Mastic’s Designed Exterior Studio where you can mix and match colors and vinyl siding styles! Mastic has a fuMastic Vinyl Siding Color Advisor Appll collection of color pallets that include color suggestions for primary, secondary, accent, trim features. Download Mastic’s Color Advisor iPad App to see which color pallet suits your personality and style – it’s free!

    Have questions about vinyl siding?  Which style siding? What to expect? Who to hire? Why make it Care Free? Check out our 4 W’s of Vinyl Siding for answers to our most commonly asked questions!

    Get started on your vinyl siding project today! Contact us for a no cost, no obligation quote. Make you house a Care Free home!