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New Year, New Roof Giveaway

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Congratulations To Our 2019 New Year, New Roof WINNERS!

Help Us Give a Deserving Homeowner a GAF Roof!

Perhaps it’s a single parent who works hard to support their family. Maybe it’s a friend overwhelmed with medical expenses or a neighbor who has fallen on hard times. Care Free Homes is giving one deserving homeowner a GAF Timberline HD Roofing System. We’re excited about our 4th annual roof giveaway and need your help to make it a success. Here’s how it worked:

  1. Members of the community nominated a homeowner in the New Year, New Roof service area. They shared the nominee’s personal story, challenges, and why they deserve to win a free roof.
  2. Care Free Homes reviewed nominations and selected three finalists.
  3. The community voted to choose the winner!

This giveaway is made possible thanks to a partnership between Care Free Homes, Inc. and GAF Roofing. We are also thankful for our community partners, United Way of Greater New Bedford and Black Tie Cookies.

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Meet the 2019 New Year, New Roof Finalists!

Nominee: Audrey & Peter Art, South Dartmouth, MA

Nominated By: Nick Francis

Audrey & Peter’s Story: Peter Art and his wife, Audrey, are wonderful people, neighbors, friends, and loving parents to 3 beautiful and selfless little girls. Put all of those superlatives together and you have a family who couldn’t be more deserving of a new roof. Intensified by the fact that just over a year ago their 4 year old daughter, Eleanor, was diagnosed with Leukemia requiring treatments over the past year and continuing for another year. While a major life event like this is unimaginable they have been so inspirational in making it work while juggling life with 3 kids. With the constant trips to Boston Children’s Hospital, sometimes in the middle of the night, typical life problems have been put on hold while the medical bills pile up.

Due to the unpredictable demands of Eleanor’s illness, Audrey, a social worker, has been on leave since April of 2018 while Pete also had to take 6 months off from his job that he commutes to an hour away. Although I can’t personally understand the struggles, one can only imagine the stress and financial toll they are dealing with – leaving things like home repair to wait. With another New England winter well under way I couldn’t imagine a more deserving family to be awarded a new roof in the new year. Take their 8 year old daughter Julia’s letter to Santa this past Christmas as an example of their selflessness. Julia wrote that she didn’t want anything this year except for her sister Eleanor to be happy and for her to “get a baby doll that pee’s and poo’s because it’s all she has wanted.” For this and so many more reasons I nominate the Art family to be the recipients of this year’s Care Free Homes New Year, New Roof giveaway.

New Year New Roof Giveaway MA

The Art Family Home

New Year New Roof Giveaway MA

Nominee: Jennifer Dumoulin, Fairhaven, MA

Nominated By: Laura Girard

Jenn’s Story: Jenn is one of my older sisters. We come from a family of 4 girls. Jenn has always had a love for sports growing up. She played softball in high school and hockey. She was the only girl on her hockey team, determined to prove a girl can play just as well, if not better, than the boys! Jenn’s love for sports has even passed on to her 3 young children. She has volunteered as a softball coach for the past 4 years and has been on the softball board for the past 2 years.

Jenn had been a stay at home mom since her first child was born in 2004. She was a PTO member at her kid’s school and a town meeting member up until her diagnoses of breast cancer in 2013. She worked seasonal jobs during the holidays for extra income. It became difficult to maintain any type of job while receiving treatment. After that strenuous battle, Jenn was cancer free for about 3 years. She became a single mom in 2016 and started working for an insurance company. Jenn’s cancer returned as stage 4 metastic breast cancer, in November of 2017. She was forced to resign her new career because of the side affects from treatment. Jenn is unable to work and struggles to make ends meet.

I greatly appreciate your consideration for a new roof for the Dumoulin family. It will stop leaks in the bedrooms and prevent more issues from occurring.It’s more than just a roof. It’s one financial burden lifted for a family already struggling.

New Year, New Roof Giveaway MA

The Dumoulin Family Home

New Year New Roof Giveaway

Nominee: Michael St. Germain, Fairhaven, MA

Nominated By: Jo Winant

Mike’s Story: I am nominating my ex-husband, Mike, the father of our two school age children, of who we share custody. Whenever there is a storm, I worry for him and our children. He has leaks that have already caused parts of the ceiling to collapse, but he is unable to physically or financially tend to his roof. Mike has a long history of service. After graduating from high school he enlisted into the United States Marine Corps and deployed to Vietnam. Once he came back home, he served as a police officer in New Hampshire where he raised his two older children from a previous marriage. He left the police force to study psychology and became a clinical director at a mental health facility. After September 11, 2001, he joined the Massachusetts Army National Guard (the 772 Military Police out of Taunton) and deployed for 10 months to Iraq in 2008. Despite other medical conditions and an ongoing battle with cancer over the past several years, he is teaching part time at a local community college. He needs this roof, a home for himself and a safe place for my children to be able to visit him. Please consider Mike for a new roof.

New Year New Roof Giveaway MA

The St. Germain Family Home

Messages of Love and Support for Our Finalists

I love you all so very much! The strength and love that you have is beyond inspiring! I pray everyday for blessings of strength and courage.

Paula Faye

Art Family Supporter

Best wishes, Mr. St. Germaine! Your daughter is always one of my favorite people!

Heather Sullivan

St. Germain Family Supporter

Best of luck and prayers to your family for strength.

Lindsay Rezendes

Dumoulin Family Supporter

From one veteran to another…thank you for your service! God bless!

Tammy Galligo

St. Germain Family Supporter

Always keeping you in our positive thoughts.

Nancy Howland

Art Family Supporter

Jenn you are someone who deserves this more than anyone. You are an amazing mom who while fighting your battles you always put your children first. Good luck.

Dawn Devlin

Dumoulin Family Supporter

This is for little Ellie!

Jill R

Art Family Supporter

May you focus your energy on your health and family without having to worry about home repairs. Sending love and light to you.

Deb Becker

Dumoulin Family Supporter

My prayers for Eleanor and her beautiful family continue.

Linda Gouveia

Art Family Supporter

Good luck Mike. Thank you for all your service through the years!!

Lorinda Maria Franklin

St. Germain Family Supporter

Praying for you Jen & family! May God bless you with His favor to win the roof in Jesus mighty name Amen! Jayne from Transformation Church in Oakdale, CT (a friend of your aunt Cathy) 🙂

Jayne Gill

Dumoulin Family Supporter

Good luck Mike! You deserve this!

Daniel Stover

St. Germain Family Supporter

Audrey and Peter…I’m keeping you in my prayers that your family is the recipient of this wonderful opportunity! We love you and the girls and there is no family more deserving! Love Judy and family xoxo

Judy Theodore

Art Family Supporter

Jenn is a wonderful mom who has fallen onto bad times. She deserves a little sunshine in the rain. #TeamDumoulin

Heather Rivard

Dumoulin Family Supporter

Good luck, brother Marine!

Peter Ng

St. Germain Family Supporter

Beautiful family and I can totally relate to them. My son is currently battling leukemia so I can understand all of the financial and emotional struggles they are facing. I hope you win!!!

Lorena Letona

Art Family Supporter

Jenn you are an inspiration to all. Despite all the hardships you’ve been through and continue to face, you somehow managed to raise 3 beautiful, well-behaved children on your own.

Jimmie Borges

Dumoulin Family Supporter

Semper Fi

Catherine Hanni

St. Germain Family Supporter

From one softball coach to another – best wishes.


Dumoulin Family Supporter

Good luck guys! Your mom is an incredible woman! Her strength to never give up and keep going 100% on everything she does amazes me. Love you all.

Lisa Amaral

Dumoulin Family Supporter

Go St. Germains!!!

Faith Bell

St. Germain Family Supporter

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