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    Once Upon a Kitchen…A Care Free Story

    Once Upon a Kitchen…A Care Free Story

     kitchen remodel, Fairhaven, MAOnce upon time, there was a 50-year-old kitchen who was to be banished from the culinary kingdom.  Despite
    several face lifts and cosmetic repairs, it still could not live up to royal standards.  Its appliances were ho-hum, storage capacity limited, and counter space non-existent.  To make things worse, an undesirable wall separated the kitchen from its long lost love, the dining room.  The two spaces were completely estranged from one another, resulting in an awkward situation for the two rooms and the royal family who inhabited them.

    After years of feeling inakitchen remodel, Fairhaven, MAdequate for its master, the kitchen was finally rescued from a knight in shining armor named Sir Care Free.  The brave and capable hero came galloping into the castle and declared that he could, indeed, grant the kitchen its wish of being beautiful and functional once again.  But it was Sir Care Free’s final words that brought the most joy – the kitchen would finally be united with the dining room. Sir Care Free courageously removed the ghastly wall that once stood between the two living spaces.  Now restored to its rightful place, the King and the Queen have proclaimed the kitchen as the official heart of the home and lived happily ever after. The end.

    For your happily ever after, do have Sir Care Free call upon your castle.  He and his craftsmen would be delighted to serve you.   You may beckon us by telephone at (508) 997-1111 Ext. 102.