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    Popular Window Styles

    Popular Window Styles

    Looking to install new replacement windows for your home? Here are the popular window styles that homeowners love!

    Single Hung Window


    Single Hung Windows – A single hung window can only be open from the bottom since the top sash is fixed. Since it has fewer moving parts it is much more energy-efficient. It’s also the cheaper option when compared to double hung windows and can be a great choice for homeowners on a budget.




    Double hung Window

    Double Hung Windows – A customer favorite, this window style has 2 operating sashes that allow you to open the window from the top and the bottom. Compared to a single hung window a double hung window allows for more ventilation and is easier to clean.


    Bay Window


    Bay/Bow Windows – Composed of 3 or more windows a bay/bow window extends away from the house making it a focal point. What makes this a popular window style is its large size which allows homeowners to look out onto their lovely landscape.  




    Skylights – Perfect for stargazers and natural light lovers, skylights are a great way to bring sunshine in! They are installed into the roof of your home and can be fixed or designed to open.  


    Looking to put any of these popular window styles in your home!? Get your FREE quote today! We’ve been a trusted window installer for over 40 years and as a Harvey Elite Contractor, we can offer our customers the best warranties and products! Call 508-997-1111 or contact us online to set up your quote. 

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