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    Roof Installation Home Protection Tips

    Roof Installation Home Protection Tips

    If you are installing a roof for the first time you might be worried about how your home will be protected during the process.

    Here at Care Free Homes, we strive to give our customers the best products, quality service, and experience! Throughout the roof installation process, our crews will do their best to protect your house. They will tarp your home to protect it from falling debris and also rake, sweep, and run a magnet to remove excess debris from your entire property. While we do our best to make your roof replacement as carefree as possible, here are some helpful homeowner tips that will provide additional protection inside and outside your home: 

    Move your Car – If your driveway is close to the house, move your vehicle to the street or a neighbor’s driveway to ensure your vehicle is safe from falling nails and debris. 

    Move Outdoor Furniture – Remove any flower pots, deck furniture, grills, or anything else you have outside your home that could be damaged by debris. 

    Get Yard Work Done Beforehand – Taking care of any landscaping and yard work before having a roof installed helps our roofing crew! If you have overgrown tree branches or other obstacles that could be in the way of having shingles installed removing them will help our crew perform their job more efficiently. Cutting your grass the day or two before installation will also make it easier for crews to pick up stray nails or small pieces of debris from your lawn.

    Remove Hanging Wall Decor – Mirrors, picture frames, and decorations on shelves that are located on the top floor could be in danger of falling from the vibrations of hammers and other tools. Fragile items that are susceptible to falling should be safely relocated until your roof project is complete. This will provide peace of mind and ensure your valuable items are 100% protected from any breakage or damage. 

    Cover Items in Attic – Our roofing crew is working hard hammering away and walking around on the top of your roof. This can lead to dust and small debris falling into your attic. If you have any important items in your attic consider covering them with a sheet during the roofing installation to protect them. 

    Loud Noise – Roofing is a loud process and can agitate pets and homeowners. Keep this in mind when you find out your project start date and plan accordingly. Consider taking a day trip or make sure to find a place for your pet who might be sensitive to loud noises. 

    When the time comes to replace your roof our crew will do everything in their power to give you the best Care Free experience and protect your home! Following these tips above just gives an extra amount of peace of mind and ensures the protection of your belongings. Here at Care Free Homes, we are experts at roofing and a home improvement company you can trust! With over 40 years of experience and a huge list of awards and accreditations which include, a multi-award-winning GAF Master Elite Contractor, Top Rated Local ® Award Winning roofing contractor, Google Guaranteed roofing contractor, and an A+ accredited member of the Better Business Bureau . We have proven time and time again that we know roofing but don’t take it from us! Listen to these two Care Free customers share their fantastic roofing experience here and here.

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