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    Roofing Protection: Ice and Water Shield

    Roofing Protection: Ice and Water Shield

    Ice and Water Shield, a popular roofing term for Ice and Water Leak Barrier, is integral to a GAF Lifetime Roofing system on your Cape Cod, Rhode Island, or Southeastern Massachusetts home. 

    Whether it’s a hurricane, blizzard, or a Nor’easter, the roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements, and any vulnerabilities could lead to significant structural damage and expensive repairs. Among the many components make up a GAF Lifetime Roofing system, the GAF Ice and Water Leak Barrier stands out as a crucial element. Lets discuss the importance of this innovative product and how it plays a pivotal role in safeguarding your home.

    Understanding GAF Ice and Water Leak Barrier

    GAF Ice and Water Leak Barrier is a specialized underlayment designed to provide an extra layer of protection for your roofing system, particularly in areas prone to ice dams and water intrusion. Ice dams occur when snow melts and refreezes near the roof’s edges, leading to water backup under the shingles. This can result in leaks, water damage, and compromised insulation. The GAF Ice and Water Leak Barrier is engineered to prevent these issues by creating a waterproof barrier that effectively seals vulnerable areas.

    Benefits of GAF Ice and Water Leak Barrier

    Superior Waterproofing: The primary function of the Ice and Water Leak Barrier is to prevent water infiltration. By adhering directly to the roof deck, it forms a watertight seal that prevents water from seeping through vulnerable spots, such as valleys, eaves, rakes, around chimneys, skylights, and vent pipes.

    Ice Dam Prevention: As snow accumulates on the roof, the warmer upper portions can cause the snow to melt. If this water refreezes at the colder roof edges, it can create ice dams. The barrier acts as a shield against this process, preventing water from penetrating the roof’s structure and potentially causing internal damage.

    Added Longevity: By protecting against water intrusion, the GAF Ice and Water Leak Barrier contributes to the overall longevity of your roofing system. It prevents moisture-related issues, such as rot, mold, and mildew, which can compromise the structural integrity of your home.

    Living in New England means our homes get battered year round from Mother Nature. As an award-winning GAF Master Elite roofing contractor, we make your home storm-ready. We ensure every component of your roofing system is properly installed and provide a factory-registered, 50 year, non-prorated roof warranty with every GAF Lifetime roofing system. Since 1978, our family has been the trusted roofing contractor for thousands of Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island homeowners. Unlike some companies, we ask for absolutely no money down, no payments until your project is complete. There’s a reason why we’ve been an A+ rated, Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau for over 30 years: homeowners know we provide professional product warranties, exceptional workmanship, and reliable customer service. Over half of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals every year!

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