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    Sell Your House: Home Renovations that Make a Difference

    Sell Your House: Home Renovations that Make a Difference

    Home Renovations

    This is a guest post by Real Estate professional Heather Curtin, a Coldwell Banker Residential Broker.

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    When I meet with clients interested in selling their home, the first thing I do is visit the property. This is the owners opportunity to “sell me” on the house. I get into buyer mode while touring the home and ask myself, “Why should I buy this home? Can I see myself here? What about this house makes it a great value?”

    After I check out the property’s aesthetics, I shift my focus to the things I can’t see. How efficient are the windows? How old is the insulation and siding? When will I need a new roof? When an agent helps a seller see their home through the eyes of a buyer, they often consider making updates and improvements to maximize their list price. So, let’s talk about those improvements that give buyers a reason to make your home their home.  Below are three ways to get your home sold quickly at the highest price the market will bear.

    Make Their Decision Easy: If you really want to impress potential buyers, update the things they won’t want to do as a new homeowner. For example, if your home exterior is in tough shape or your roof should be replaced, do not wait for a home inspector to tell the buyers. Your offer price will be renegotiated to reflect the work that needs to be done and you’ll lose value. The same goes for windows.  If you can’t lock them or if they don’t seal correctly, it will come up in an inspection. So instead, consider getting the work done in advance to avoid a lower offer and sale price.

    Get the Wood Out: I’ve walked into fabulous properties with young buyers who turn and walk out at the sight of wood paneling. These busy young professionals are looking for move-in ready spaces where they can host parties and entertain, free from any reminders of Grandma’s house.  It’s worth the time to consult a contractor to see how simple it is to update a not-so-modern space into one more easy on the eyes. You’ll keep the interest of buyers looking to move into a home of their own.

    Custom Built Storage: If your property lacks storage or has odd sized rooms, you might consider adding custom built-ins or secret storage. Buyers love being surprised by unique and interesting aspects of a home and custom storage is a great way to do it. A window seat with a storage bench or a wall of custom built-in bookcases in the hall or playroom make some buyers breath a sigh of relief when they’re asking themselves where they’ll be putting all of their belongings.