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    Maibec Wood Siding

    There is nothing like genuine wood.  Organic, solid, stable and naturally resistant to the elements, it has enhanced the beauty of homes for hundreds of years.  You can achieve stunning effects with the right mix and match of various types of profiled siding.

    Eastern white cedar is very durable and requires very little maintenance.  It contains natural preservatives which protect it from rot and insects.  Unlike other species that contain tannins, eastern white cedar can be stained just about every color imaginable.

    Maibec siding provides the rich beauty and visual impact of natural wood. Maibec has been a leading manufacturer of natural wood siding products since 1986. Maibec Wood Siding is natural, beautiful, durable, renewable, and sustainable. Wood siding is an excellent choice for homeowners who love the New England look of natural wood.

    Maibec is the first manufacturer in North America to use stellite-tipped saws to ensure precise cuts and minimized raised grain. Shingles are resquared and rebutted for a beautiful natural finish that does not require additional on-site trimming. Then they’re kiln-dried for greater stability and durability. Maibec also offers a choice of profiles and a variety of mouldings in a vast choice of colors to meet your every need.