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    Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

    Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

    Time to get outside and work on spring cleanup!  Use our spring home maintenance checklist to get started.

    Spring Cleaning Checklist

    Clean Home Exterior:

    • Gutters – remove leaves, twigs & debris from gutters so rain can flow
    • Siding – clean your home’s siding according to the manufacturer’s guidelines or hire a professional
    • Decks & porches – scrub decks and porches and re-stain if necessary
    • Patio – sweep patio and fill cracks
    • Windows & screens – clean windows inside and out


    • Rake leaves – rake leaves that fell after your fall cleanup
    • Aerate lawn – aerate if your lawn gets lots of use
    • Fertilize lawn – fertilize when the lawn turns green
    • Prune shrubs & bushes
    • Remove weeds – it’s easiest to remove weeds when they are small
    • Mulch garden beds – mulch adds a protective barrier over your plants
    • Clean sprinkler system – test and clean your sprinkler system or hire a professional to help
    • Start lawnmower – make sure your lawnmower is in working order & have any necessary maintenance completed.


    • Fences – check fences for structural integrity and paint if needed
    • Seal driveway – sealing your driveway will protect it from the elements
    • Organize garage & shed
    • Outdoor lighting – test outdoor lighting and replace bulbs
    • Patio furniture & grill – bring your patio furniture out of storage and clean it up

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