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    Tips for Choosing Your Roof Color

    Tips for Choosing Your Roof Color

    Since you should only need to replace your roof ever 20 years, make sure you choose a roof color that you don’t mind living with for many years to come! Here are a few tips for choosing your roof color.

    Complementary Colors – Choose a color that complements the color of your home rather than trying to match the roof to your home. Textures – If your home has multiple paint colors or a mixture of brick, stone and other siding you should consider choosing a shingle with less color. If there are too many texture your house will end up looking too busy. You might also think about choosing the shingle color based on the brick or stone colors of your home since those accents will always be part of the home.

    Check the Sample – Look at the color sample next to your home in both sunny and shady areas.

    Think About Resale – If you might be moving in the near future think    about choosing a neutral color that will appeal to many potential buyers.

    GAF Virtual Remodeler – GAF has a virtual remodeler modual on their website. It allows you to mix and match shingle colors and styles on a home similar to yours or you can upload a photo of your own. This could be helpful to see how well different shingle colors could match with your home.

    Your Home’s Color – Use this guide to help you choose the best shingle color for your home.

    Home Color Best Roof Color
    Gray or Blue Dark Gray or Black
    Brown, Cream or Tan Brown
    White Dark Gray or Black
    Green, Yellow or Red Brown, Gray or Black

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