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    Replace Your Roof Before Going Solar

    Replace Your Roof Before Going Solar

    Wondering if you should replace your roof before going solar? Here are a few things to keep in mind:
    should you replace your roof before going solar

    • If your roof is 12 years or younger you do not necessarily need to replace it but you might want to.  Basically, if you notice any blistering, peeling, curling, missing granules or stains on ceilings, you will most likely want to replace your roof. Use this guide to help you identify signs of roof failure.
    • Removing and refitting solar panels can be expensive, so decide whether it’s worth it to replace the roof before you go solar.  Ask the solar company what the average price is to remove and refit the solar panels to help you make a more educated decision.
    • Solar panels are designed to last 20 years plus! Unless your roof is fairly new there is a good chance you will have to replace it before the solar panels lose their efficiency.
    • Solar panels can extend the life of a roof by blocking harmful UV rays and offering protection from snow, ice and other harsh weather.  So, replace your roof before going solar to get a few more years out of your new roof!

    In many cases it makes sense to replace your roof before installing solar panels. Give us a call for your free estimate before going solar!