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    Solar Panels and Roofing: Q & A with Chris Johnson of Isaksen Solar

    Solar Panels and Roofing: Q & A with Chris Johnson of Isaksen Solar

    With solar panels becoming increasingly accessible and affordable, the marriage between solar technology and roofing has opened up new possibilities for energy production, cost savings, and eco-friendly living. As an expert roofing company, we are often asked about solar and how it impacts a home’s roof. Our community partner, Chris Johnson from Isaksen Solar, took the time to chat with us and answer a few questions about solar and roofing.

    How do I know if my home is suitable for solar energy?

    “The easiest way for someone to tell, is if they look at the outside of their homes at different times during the day. If they notice no shading or minimal shading from trees, neighbors homes, different sections of their own roof, etc. then odds are that it may be a good fit. We actually have a special design software that will allow us to tell you in minutes, whether or not your home may be a good fit for Solar. So really a quick call to Isaksen Solar would probably be the quickest and easiest way to find out.”

    Do I need to replace my roof before installing solar panels?

    “It really depends on the age and quality of the roof construction. I have seen some 20 year old roofs that were in pristine condition and some five-year-old roofs that needed to be replaced. If it appears that the roof is showing signs of aging, it is definitely recommended that the roof be replaced prior to your solar installation. The good news is that wherever there are solar panels, that will actually extend the life of that section of roof due to the panels protecting the shingles from being so exposed to the elements.”

    What happens to my roof warranty after I install solar panels?

    “If the system is installed correctly, your roof warranty should not be affected. At Isaksen Solar, we pride ourselves on completing all of our installations ourselves. We do not sub that out. By doing so, we can help ensure that the installation of the solar panel system is completed using high quality materials, proper waterproofing measures are taken and make sure that the installation is complete without damaging the roof.”

    What are the benefits of leasing vs. owning solar?

    “This is one of the questions we get asked the most so I’m pretty sure I can handle this one! If the homeowner intends to sell the house within the next five years or so, and/or they are retired and no longer pay taxes then leasing may make the most sense for them. Otherwise, if you are paying into taxes and are planning on being in the home long-term, ownership tends to make the most economic sense. Helping you figure out what’s best for your particular situation is part of the process when you work with us at Isaksen Solar.”

    Why should I choose Isaksen Solar instead of another solar company?

    “Well, because there are no other solar companies! Just kidding. There are a lot out there! For us, it is not just about making a sale. We are in it for the long-haul. Whether you look at Google, Better Business Bureau, Facebook, or any other review site, you will be hard-pressed to find another solar company with as stellar a reputation. At Isaksen Solar we stand by our work and do everything in our power to make sure our customers are happy and stay happy. They truly are family to us.”

    If you’re considering solar for your home, give Chris Johnson of Isaksen Solar a call at (508) 491-6421 or follow him on Facebook and Instagram. You can also visit the Isaksen Solar website and request to speak with Chris!

    Steph Pickup, Care Free Homes Marketing Manager, with Chris Johnson, Isaksen Solar Project Manager

    In addition to being a community partner in our New Year, New Roof Giveaway, Isaksen Solar installed a solar system on the home of Dana Jr, a Care Free Homes co-owner. “Our experience with Chris and Isaksen Solar was great from start to finish. In fact – the solar panels were so great that a squirrel family decided to move in under them. We called Chris and Isaksen took care of the problem right away.” We know firsthand that Isaksen Solar shares our commitment to customer service and improving our community.

    If your roof needs to be replaced before installing solar on your home, trust your project to an award-winning roofing company! With over 45 years of business success and thousands of satisfied customers, we are proud to be a GAF MasterElite Roofing Contractor and a CertainTeed ShingleMaster. We are so confident that you’ll be happy that we ask for absolutely no deposits or payments until your project is complete. We also have financing options for qualified homeowners! 

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