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    Andersen Windows, 400 Series: A New England Favorite

    Andersen Windows, 400 Series: A New England Favorite

    Andersen windows have been a New England favorite for generations.

    The 400 Series, our preferred Andersen window, features many different styles including the Tilt-Wash Double Hung Window, traditional double hung window, casements, and more. The ever popular, double hung windows have tilt in sashes that Andersen Window Installer Cape Cod, MA, RImove up and down making them easy to clean. They also allow homeowners to choose which way the wind blows – ventilate from the top or bottom sash! If customers are looking for a vinyl clad, wood window we suggest this one. (Be sure to check out the Andersen windows in our Nonquitt project – it’s a beauty!) Andersen 400 Series Windows are:

    Beautiful: Homeowners can choose from natural pine or white for the window interior in addition to seven exterior color options. To personalize their windows – customers can choose from grid, trim and patterned glass options.

    Durable: These wooden windows are clad with vinyl on the exterior to provide protection from the the elements. The water repellent sashes are coated with Flexacron®, an industrial strength protective finish. They also are backed by Andersen’s Owner2Owner Limited Warranty.

    Energy Efficient: To help reduce cooling and heating costs, homeowners can choose from a variety of Low- E4® glass options. Weather stripping protects against wind and water.

    Thinking about replacing your windows? Our 4 W’s of Replacement Windows blog will help you decide which type of window is best for you, who to hire, what to expect during installation, and more. Whether you choose Andersen Windows or our Harvey Elite Series Replacement windows, we can provide you with professional grade products that fit your style and your budget. Get a FREE quote today!