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    How to Have a Care Free Holiday Season

    If you haven’t already started preparing for the holidays and shopping for presents you might be starting to feel the pressure.  Although, we all know that gifts are only one of the many stresses we deal with this time of year.  Here are a few ideas to consider for a more relaxed holiday season.


    • Cut back on holiday décor.  Concentrate on projects that can be done as a family such as decorating a tree and wreaths or making ornaments.
    • Don’t go on a cleaning spree before guests come. Focus on the parts of your home people will actually see.

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    • Set a realistic budget.  Don’t spend all of 2014 trying to pay off your credit card bills.
    • Wrap gifts as you buy them.  That way, you won’t need to hide them and you won’t have to wrap tons of gifts the night before.
    • Try bundling gifts – for example, if your sister has a husband and 3 children, think of a gift the entire family can enjoy together, such as tickets to the circus.  No one will fight over gifts, and it will give everyone something to look forward to.


    • If you are hosting a holiday party, don’t be afraid to ask guests to bring something.
    • Think ahead and make baked goods in advance and freeze them.  Or order your cookies and pies from a bakery to avoid baking altogether.
    • Get some side dishes from a local restaurant so you can focus on making the perfect turkey, ham or roast.  There is never enough oven space for everything anyways, right?

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    • You can’t be everywhere at once.  Instead of running from house to house on a holiday, suggest that you celebrate with one group on the weekend before or the weekend after the holiday.  You will get to spend more time with them and you won’t feel pressed for time.
    •  If you normally have to fly home for holidays life can get even more hectic this time of year.  Think about using technology to spend time with your distant family this holiday season.  Send an early gift of a computer video camera and video chat with them instead.


    Stay stress free and enjoy the holiday season everyone!!!