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    New Year, New Roof Giveaway 2022

    Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island

    Help Choose the Winner of a GAF Roof!

    We’re excited about our 7th annual New Year, New Roof Giveaway! Whether it’s overwhelming medical expenses, the sudden loss of a job, or any unexpected life event, we are searching for homeowners who are financially struggling and need to replace their roof.

    Here is how our New Year, New Roof Giveaway works:

    1. Members of the community nominate a deserving neighbor, friend, or family member who needs a new roof. The nominator will explain why the homeowner deserves a free roof and what obstacles or challenges they are experiencing. 
    2. Our team will review all qualified homeowner nominations and choose 3-5 finalists to move on to the final voting round.
    3. The community votes online to choose the WINNER of a GAF Timberline HDZ Roofing system!

    Contest Timeline:

    • New Year, New Roof nomination period is January 1 – 7, 2022
    • Finalists are announced January 9, 2022
    • Online voting takes place January 10 – 15, 2022
    • Winner announced with surprise reveal on or around January 18, 2022

    This giveaway is made possible thanks to a partnership between Care Free Homes, Inc. and GAF Roofing. We are also thankful for our community partners, Black Tie Cookies, Isaksen Solar, Machado & Silva, Inc., United Way of Greater New Bedford, and United Way of Greater Fall River.

    Official 2022 New Year, New Roof Rules

    Prize Package

    Our 2022 New Year, New Roof Winner will receive:

    • GAF Timberline HDZ Roofing System with a factory registered, 50 Year, Non-Prorated Roof Warranty
    • Gourmet Black Tie Cookie Bouquet made with love from local baker, Nicole Tracz
    • One-on-One Financial Coaching from Machado & Silva, Inc., Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Coaches. This valuable service will help guide our New Year, New Roof winners to a healthier financial life.
    • Family pizza party to celebrate their roof installation
    • Book of well wishes from their community supporters

    Congratulations Barry Youngblood of Acushnet, MA!

    Surprise Video Reveal is Coming Soon!!

    Thank you to all who have participated and supported our finalists!

    Meet Our Finalists!

    Mother Beats Cancer Twice and Still Caring for Others at 78-Years-Old

    Nominee: Barbara Getzie of Falmouth, MA

    Nominated By: Mark Getzie

    Nominee Story: My mom raised her 4 younger brothers while both her parents worked. She married my father and was an elementary school teacher for inner city kids in Rochester, NY for about 20 years. My parents moved to the Cape in 1979 where they raised me and my younger brother. Mom opened up a daycare which she ran out of our house during the day and did telemarketing at night. Our father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 1991 and Mom helped take care of him for 15 years until he passed. At that point mom assumed all responsibilities of maintaining the house. A couple years after my dad passed, my younger brother was also diagnosed with cancer. While he was sick, my brother lived with my mom so she could take care of him. My brother recovered but in 2018, Mom was diagnosed with uterine cancer which she beat. About a year later, the cancer returned and she beat it once again. She is 78-years-old and still works part time caring for elderly clients. She is a loving and caring person who would do anything for anyone. She deserves a break in life.

    Hardworking Mom & Dad Recovering From Medical Obstacles

    Nominee: Lisa King & Wayne Mottley of Tiverton, RI

    Nominated By: Amanda Ellis

    Nominee Story: My parents are both very hardworking people who provided a great life for me and my sister. Dad served in the Army as a young man before meeting my mother. The best thing about my father – he is the dad that didn’t have to be one. He came into my life when I was 2 years-old and loved and raised me as his own. He has always worked multiple jobs to provide for our family. My mom is one of the hardest working women I’ve ever known. The past 5-6 years just haven’t been the best to her. Suffering pneumonia, sepsis, a silent heart attack, broken nose and wrist, knee replacement, and most recently Covid, her life spiraled a bit. Being unable to work for a year or two, having to depend on loved ones for help, really pushed the envelope. My parents are NOT the type of people to ask for help, ever. Now it’s house repair after house repair, a couple hot water heaters, dishwasher, stove, needing a flooding issue worked on. After 18 years of owning their home, the roof is looking like it will need to be done as well. Mom is just getting back to being herself, working again, and finally learning to live life! Getting help paying for a new roof would literally be a life and pocket saver. This would be appreciated so much more than anyone could ever understand. 


    State Trooper Injured by Tractor Trailer Works Hard to Provide for Family

    Nominee: Michael & Valerie Moitoza of Bridgewater, MA

    Nominated By: Aiden Carr

    Nominee Story: My name is Aiden Carr, I’m 15 years old. I would like to nominate my mother and stepfather for a new roof. My mom and stepdad have been trying to renovate our house for the past 6 years to make it a home for myself and my 3 younger siblings. My stepfather is a MA State trooper and these past few years have been really tough especially with Covid. He works all the time and my mom works full time, too, with me, 15 my brother 6, and two sisters 3 and 2. This past September my stepfather was working a detail and was hit from behind by a tractor trailer which totaled his cruiser and landed him in the hospital. He has since been out of work trying to figure out what is wrong with his neck, back and hips. The outside of our house hasn’t been worked on much, and now that my stepdad is out of work that definitely won’t be happening. I know my mom and stepdad stress out about the roof and siding a lot because they bought an older house and wanted to try and fix it up. I really would just love to take a burden off of them during this time. They are both very hard workers and do so much for our family to make it the best. This would be awesome to tell them a huge project is taken care of. Thank you for considering us. It would mean the world! 



    Single Mother Battling Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Nominee: Kera Paine of Acushnet, MA

    Nominate By: Rena Burba

    Nominee Story: Kera is a single parent who graduated from UMass Dartmouth with honors in the hopes of becoming a teacher. After graduation, she worked as a teacher at Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech before she transitioned to administration. She decided she wanted to pursue a new career as a beautician and went to Labaron’s School to become stylist. She eventually opened up her own salon out of her home where she worked 10-12 hours a day. After a few years, Kera started to experience extreme fatigue and body aches but thought it was caused by working long days. Her symptoms grew worse so she sought medical treatment. She was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory arthritis. Further testing needs to be done but she might also have ankylosis spondylosis and spinal stenosis. She has difficulty walking and sits in a chair by the sink to wash the dishes. She is physically unable to work and can no longer drive. She will most likely become wheelchair bound. Despite all of this, she is an exceptional mother to a 12-year-old daughter and a giving person. Before her illness she even donated her time to give haircuts to children in-need for their first day of school. She has done so much for others and deserves to win this contest, thank you.


    Local Veteran and Friend’s Home in Desperate Need of New Roof

    Nominee: Barry Youngblood of Acushnet, MA

    Nominated By: Dave Pothier

    Nominee’s Story: My friend Barry is retired and 77 years old. He served 9 months in the Navy reserves and then served 4 years in the Air Force. When he was younger, he was always there to help his friends and family. Whether it was volunteering on his friend’s farm or helping his younger sister buy gifts for her children, he has always been very generous and sees the good in everyone. Barry is as honest as he is kind – he once found Senator Mark Montigny’s wallet (with a lot of money in it) and made sure it was returned. He is now house bound and cannot drive. Friends drive him to appointments and he needs daily help with chores and meds from his sister and family. His roof was leaking when he was in the nursing home for months. His living room and porch walls were wet for so long they had mold everywhere. He was not allowed back home with those conditions until it was fixed. So the walls and floors were stripped to the 2x4s and plywood just so he could come home. It still remains that way till he can have the roof fixed or replaced. With winter upon us, he has no insulation on the walls and it gets very cold. Only his bedroom, the spare bedroom, kitchen and bath are livable. This ranch is in dire need of repair. Please consider Barry for winning the GAF Roof.


    Barbara's Message Board

    We love you Barbara!!…You are the most loving, caring and supporting mom I know!! May you have continued health and wellness every year to come and we are rooting for you to win! – Kristina Pelletier

    Barbara's Message Board

    I have never met someone so deserving. She gives to everyone all the time. the sweetest person. – Briana Letendre

    Barbara's Message Board

    Mrs. Getzie is a lovely woman who has overcome a lot the last few years. She’s a very kind and considerate neighbor. – Leslie

    Barbara's Message Board

    I hope you win Grammy! ❤ – Mellisa Carney

    Barbara's Message Board

    You have blessed many and deserve to be blessed in return. – Kathy

    Lisa and Wayne's Message Board

    My sister is very loving and hard worker she is deserving of any help for her. – Theresa Turned

    Lisa and Wayne's Message Board

    Best of luck my friend ❤ – Lisa Weber

    Lisa and Wayne's Message Board

    GO LISA!!! Well deserved if she wins. – Grace Belt

    Lisa and Wayne's Message Board

    Mom, Dad I love you! Thank you for working two-three jobs my whole life to provide for me and sissy and always being there 100% for your 5 grandkids! We all love you! – Paige King

    Lisa and Wayne's Message Board

    These wonderful people could really use this blessing. Good luck Lisa and Wayne! – Rachel Sardinha

    Mike and Val's Message Board

    It’s nice to see that Aiden recognizes how much you need the help but most importantly how you both are raising an amazing young man and family. I can only hope you are the winners. – Yvonne Dawicki

    Mike and Val's Message Board

    Awesome people! Great Family! Let’s help them out! – Joellen silva

    Mike and Val's Message Board

    You have spent years having the back of the community, now I pray the people vote for you and your family get a new roof! – Marianne Martin

    Mike and Val's Message Board

    Mike and Val are two of the most hard-working and dedicated people. The time, effort, and pride they put into their home does not go unnoticed. – Katelyn Zampine

    Mike and Val's Message Board

    Wishing you the best in this new year and beyond! – Sereth Osgood

    Kera's Message Board

    A selfless, encouraging family who is so deserving of this gift! – Kathleen Goldblatt

    Kera's Message Board

    Kera Paine always has a cheery disposition no matter what she is facing in life. – Linda Enos

    Kera's Message Board

    This family supports their town. It’s time to support them back. – Robert Hinckley

    Kera's Message Board

    Kera is an amazing person mother & member of our community who truly needs and deserves all the help she can get! – Robert Conklin

    Kera's Message Board

    Best of luck Kera, you deserve this as you are such a giving person. – Nancy Cranston

    Barry's Message Board

    Barry is a great man, hardworking and deserves this. – Gianna Youngblood

    Barry's Message Board

    You got this barry!! I hope you win! – Ahanu Youngblood

    Barry's Message Board

    This is a very deserving man such a kind and giving soul. – Stephanie Cruz

    Barry's Message Board

    Very nice man who deserves something nice in return. Good Luck Mr. Youngblood. – Rosemarie Pina

    Barry's Message Board

    Good Luck! Hoping you have warmer, drier days coming and less worries. Stay healthy and I hope you win this contest! – Susan Gracie

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