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    Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

    Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

    Spring is the perfect time to give your home the refresh it needs not just indoors but outside too. Make sure to start the season off right with this outdoor spring cleaning checklist! 

    Clean Vinyl Siding – The exterior of our homes takes a beating during the winter months and vinyl siding is no exception.Outdoor Spring Cleaning Even though vinyl is a great low maintenance option it still needs to be cleaned to keep up with its appearance. Maintain its curb appeal and value by cleaning your siding once a year. If you think it might be time to replace your siding but are not sure what to look for check for these signs.

    Check your Lawn – Once you step onto your lawn look around is there anything that might need some tlc? Possibly patches of missing grass, hordes of leaves, broken outdoor fixtures/furniture, or your hose has a crack in it? Fix/attend to anything that needs a pick me up!

    Trim Trees and Shrubs – We tend to give our yards the cold shoulder throughout the winter months and during this time things can get a little crazy. Giving your trees and shrubs a nice trim will encourage growth and will make your yard look put Spring Cleaningtogether! 

    Prepare your Garden – One of the best things about spring is the flowers!! To prepare your garden, get rid of any dead plants, weeds, stems, leaves, and add fresh soil. 

    Wash Windows – Your windows are exposed to allergens, dust, dirt, mold, insects, and more. Clean off your windows and screens to extend the life of your windows and to make sure they do their job properly. 

    Clean Porch/Decks – Now that winter is over we can finally start enjoying our decks and porches to their full potential again but before we do that we need to take care of some things. Firstly, sweep off any debris that has been left. Second, give your deck a good wash using the best method for your decking type then check your deck for any issues. If you are not sure what to look for check out this list. Finally, it’s time to bust out the outdoor furniture and enjoy the nice weather!

    Clean Gutters – Clogged gutters can lead to bigger issues like roof leaks and foundation issues so it is important to get them cleaned out if you notice they are clogged with debris. Outdoor Spring Cleaning

    Clean your Grill – Grilling season is upon us! Give your grill a nice thorough cleaning even if you had cleaned it before putting it away for the season. Also, make sure to refill propane or buy charcoal if needed.

    Light Fixtures – If you have any light fixtures in your yard now is a good time to dust and replace any dead bulbs. That way your lights will be set for when you plan to entertain into the night! 

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